About Us

Mission Statement: Believing we are all God’s children, we seek to serve others, to be effective witnesses, and to transform lives for Jesus Christ

What makes TUMC special

TUMC is a family, a praying family, a growing family, a family seeking to love God with all our hearts, with all our souls, and with all our minds. We strive in every decision and action to love our neighbors as Christ has loved us.

We are primarily an older congregation which dedicates our time and resources to helping all ages. Our ministries include supporting those who struggle with the health issues associated with aging as well as many community ministries touching those of all ages. From the homeless and outcast to providing meals and support to children in underprivileged homes.

The children, teens, and young adults in our congregation receive individual attention and love with disciplining from our most mature Christians leaders.

Our worship services experience the presence of the Holy Spirit with a ‘singing congregation’ led by excellent musicians (piano, organ, and guitar), talented choir, and spirit filled worship leader. The music is primarily traditional but with a mixture of contemporary . The prayer time, led by our pastor, is truly a time of communion with our Father filled with lifting prayers for others.

Our Pastor Lynn Hawkins brings the word of God from both the pulpit as well as off the platform as he challenges us to love God and others more tomorrow than we did yesterday. His messages are filled with joy in the Lord, with the freedom to respond as the Holy Spirit leads. It is not unusual for us to change the order of service as we sense God’s direction for the service.

We are a growing church but we are saving a seat for you.

Our Church History

Trinity United Methodist Church began as South Lenoir Methodist in 1905, located on Underdown Avenue.  The original wood frame church was added on to and remodeled numerous times until 1966 when the decision was made to build a new church building.  That same year, the “Old Keyhole House Property” on Seehorn Street was purchased.

A few years later, the congregation voted to change the church name, and in 1973, South Lenoir Methodist Church officially became Trinity United Methodist Church.  Construction of the new building began in October 1974 and the first service was held on April 23, 1975.  Eight years later the mortgage was paid in full.

A new grand piano was donated to the church in 1994, and a new organ was purchased in 2006.  In 2004, Trinity became a station church with a full time pastor.  Before that, Trinity was on a charge with Mount Oive United Methodist Church.  Also in 2004, a small parcel of land was purchased.  In 2005 Trinity celebrated it’s 100th birthday.